LinuxDays 2019

Command Live Environment
2019-10-06, 15:00–15:50, Classroom 349

A single startup script enhances your shell session with following options: * a colorized and customizable prompt * save/edit and reuse your aliases in an easy way * rich history with timestamps, return codes and additional information * seamless start of the CLE on remote sessions without installation * easy, one-time setup * settings with immediate effect, no edits, no restarts * open framework for customization with tweaks and modules * quick help available plus thorough documentation * one script for bash & zsh, plus multi plattform compatibility

CLE doesn't necessarily mess up with your habits. It enhances comfort and possibilities when working in shell. Your prompt becomes distinct, more informative and easy to customize. CLE unifies the look&feel across remote sessions as it can transfer itself over SSH. Thus, the word 'Live' in it's name covers interaction and customizability on one side and also how it follows your steps in virtual word.

Difficulty – Mírně pokročilí