LinuxDays 2019

SaltStack 202
10-05, 11:30–11:50 (Europe/Prague), Room 111
Language: English

Orchestration is the only way we deploy stuff nowadays. There is plenty of tools available like Puppet, Ansible, Chef or SaltStack. I'm not going to talk about what orchestration is or how it works. What I want to do is to talk about few interesting features SaltStack has to offer. So don't expect the basics, but also don't expect the best practices or something helpful in every day life. But if you are using something else, it might be interesting to get to know what SaltStack has to offer.



Long tim opensource enthusiest, ex-member of various opensource comunities and current member of few others. Developer, but also a sysadmin. Interested in embedded, weird architectures and interesting technologies. Nowadays working at CZ.NIC on project Turris.

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