LinuxDays 2020

ESP32/S2 in IPv6 *only* network
2020-10-03, 15:30–16:20, Online room 2

Could we simply turn off IPv4 on ESP32/S2 and what would happen?
This contribution focuses on embedded IoT devices in IPv6 networks, specifically to microcontrollers with lwIP network stack.
The article elaborates on the following topics: * What IPv6 brings to IoT? * IPv6 modes supported in lwIP (SLAAC, DHCPv6) and how to use them. * Network interfaces in lwIP and their esp-idf abstraction with regard to IPv6 configuration. * Comparing resources on ESP32 with IPv4 only, IPv6 only and dual stack configuration. * Demo: ESP32 running in QEMU with virtual IPv6 only network, connecting to IPv4 broker.

Ability to present remotely – yes Difficulty – Intermediate