LinuxDays 2023

Web API Technologies in Perspective: RESTful, GraphQL, gRPC
10-08, 12:00–12:20 (Europe/Prague), 107
Language: English

In this talk, we'll explore and compare three popular API technologies: RESTful, GraphQL, and gRPC. Delve into the unique strengths and use cases of each approach to gain a better understanding of their benefits and limitations. Join us as we take a practical look at how these technologies work in real-world scenarios, helping you make informed decisions when choosing the right API for your projects.

  • Target audience: Developers, software architects, and anyone interested in API technologies.
  • The talk will provide a balanced comparison, highlighting the strengths of each technology.



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A junior staff engineer with a strong focus on backend and server technologies. With my industry experience from complex software systems, I have a strong background in TypeScript and Domain-Driven Design. Additionally, I have random niche knowledge in gRPC, Redis, PostgreSQL & Git, and have actively contributed to the OSS community. As a technical speaker, I have led few interactive long running workshops for TypeScript and Rust as internal learning courses and spoke about my experience with gRPC, caching and building custom OSS framework for Node.js. My passion for continuous learning has driven me to lead teams and mentor colleagues.