LinuxDays 2023

Using openQA to test Linux Distributions and Appliances
10-08, 10:30–10:50 (Europe/Prague), 111
Language: English

openQA is a system integration testing framework for testing whole systems (in contrast to individual components, like programs, libraries, etc.) and is the heart and soul of the automated QA behind the openSUSE, SUSE Enterprise Linux and Fedora distributions.

The original purpose of openQA is to automatically test graphical user interfaces, more specifically to verify snapshots of the installer of the openSUSE Tumbleweed distribution. This is achieved by leveraging openCV and VNC to interact with the system under test like a user sitting in front of a computer would. openQA has by now outgrown this role and is used for other scenarios as well, for example testing on bare metal, acceptance testing of appliances and integration with the Linux Test Project.

This talk will highlight how openQA is currently used for automated verification of the openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise and Fedora distributions and showcase a few emerging features, like testing of bare metal hardware (e.g. the Raspberry Pi) or for integration testing of the Kiwi image builder.



Dan is creating developer tools, builds container images and works on QA at
SUSE, which he joined after working as an embedded firmware
developer. Originally he started out as a theoretical astrophysicist, but after
becoming a contributor to various Open Source projects, he finally made this his
full time job at SUSE.

In his free time Dan contributes to various upstream Projects, maintains
packages in Linux distributions and enjoys a game of Minecraft or
Satisfactory. When he's not sitting in front of his computer, he can be found
either on his bike or in the kitchen testing out another recipe.