LinuxDays 2023

Running your home NextCloud AIO and ad-free browsing with Leap Micro
10-08, 10:00–10:20 (Europe/Prague), 111
Language: Čeština

Leap Micro is not your typical distribution but rather a small low maintenance HostOS, that uses automatic transactional-updates and can be fully managed out of the box from a web browser.

I'd like to share with you how I use it with a Raspberry PI at home and deployment of for example Pi-hole for ad-free browsing at home or NextCloud AIO.

Deployment of Leap Micro via self-install wizard can be done under two minutes.



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Open source enthusiast since 15yo. Ex Czech OpenSolaris User Group leader. Spent most of his career on building and releasing Red Hat Enterprise Linux and newly SUSE Linux Enterprise products and openSUSE Leap and Leap Micro. I enjoy communication and any opportunity for close collaboration with our partners and community.